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Practice The Fruit of the Spirit

by Jay Meadows on January 31, 2020

What kind of sick person are you? What I mean to ask is this – when you are sick, are you a person who likes a lot of attention, or do you just want to be left alone? And are you a good-natured sick person or are you – ill-tempered making everyone around you miserable as well? Fortunately, I have avoided the common ailments of winter, i.e. flu, cold, bronchitis, etc. Generally speaking, I am not a pleasant sick person (just ask my family), yet on the bright side, I don't require much attention either. My motto is this: "put me in a dark room with a bed, and leave me alone." Like a black bear in the middle of winter, just let me sleep it off and wake to warmer, healthier days.

What kind of well person are you? If we reflect on how we respond when we are sick, shouldn't we ask the question “how are we when we are well?” For some, being well means that they are sociable, helpful, pleasant, and good natured most of the time. Yet, strangely enough, for some when they are at their best physical health, they take-on a poor spirit. I've seen perfectly healthy people physically, take-on an attitude of complaining, griping, being ornery, cantankerous, and downright hateful. We would think that if they are doing well physically, then they might be a bit more kind, gentle, tender-hearted, and forgiving. Just the other day, I saw a lady at the sandwich shop fussing out a young man who had made her sandwich the wrong way. Even though he was willing to correct his mistake, she continued to berate him, and then she scurried off as if she were running a marathon.

Scripture teaches us that the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. It doesn't say anything about if you feel bad then it's o.k. to set these aside or if you feel well, then you are given an exemption. God expects His people to take on the spirit and the attitude of Christ Jesus. God expects His church to be disciplined and practice the fruit of the Spirit in all seasons of life. God desires that each and everyone who calls upon His name, in times of gladness and sadness, that we are consistent in our witness - that we represent and show ourselves to be true people of faith and followers of Jesus Christ. Against such things there is no law.

This month or next, you may find yourself feeling sick or having several weeks of being well. Regardless of your physical condition, be God's witness and practice the fruit of the Spirit. Practice being the presence of Christ.

Joy for the Journey, Jay

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