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Opening The Windows

Opening The Windows

by Jay Meadows on February 07, 2020

Have you ever ridden by a house only to see the front windows of the home always blocked with curtains which were pulled closed or with blinds shut tightly? Windows serve a wonderful use in allowing for those inside to see out and for those outside to see in. This past week our church campus received a much-needed improvement from Randy Brown’s Tree Service. Brown’s team of hard workers rode in with an eye for opening-up our campus and in a matter of hours threw open the “botanical curtain” that hid much of the front buildings on North Main Street. The security light that illuminates the Galloway Street parking lot at night will be 100% more effective. As drivers head north in front of the church, the massive shrubbery on the south end of the campus will no longer block the granite architecture or distract from the intricate stained-glass windows. In talking with Mr. Brown, he shared that over the past several months numerous churches were trimming and raising the canopy of every tree near and around their buildings for a variety of safety concerns. Having people see our church campus because we throw back a vegetal shade or because we leave the “community’s nightlight” on with our new bell-tower LED lights – this can only be good for our witness! This past Sunday visitors, attenders, and members alike were greeted with four new electronic message boards. Located at the entry points of our sanctuary and in larger gathering spaces like the fireside room, these message boards will serve as windows into the mission and ministry of First Baptist Church. As we threw open the windows of our ministry, we welcomed folks to worship and Bible study, even as we welcomed the scouts and their families as they joined us for worship. Through our message board windows, everyone received several invitations to join with us in our church’s ministry, i.e. our upcoming variety show as well as our annual retired person’s retreat to Caswell. Folks were once again asked to connect with us in various media forums in order that we can make them more aware of who we are and how we serve. In the weeks ahead, more windows of more ministries will be opened as we celebrate and promote the mission of Christ within our church family. In the book of Malachi, God speaks of “throwing open the windows of heaven” in order to “bless His people.” We have thrown open the windows of our campus and the windows our ministry in order that we might be a blessing upon others. May all we do be seen as a faithful witness to the Risen Christ; may the light of our witness never be hidden, but be open for all to see!

Joy for the Journey, Jay

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