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A View From The Rafters - December 12, 2019

by Jay Meadows on December 13, 2019

24/7 Christmas Music (That's 24 hours of Christmas carols, tunes, and songs for each of the seven days of the week). Did you know that when a radio station in the U.S. makes the temporary switch to “all Christmas” music, its listener share regularly doubles? Here's a sampling: Boston's WODS station rises from 4.5 non-Christmas market rating to 9.3 Christmas rating; Los Angeles' KOST station rises from 4.6 non-Christmas market rating to 9.2 Christmas rating; and New York's WLTW station rises from 6.0 non-Christmas market rating to 12.3 Christmas rating. Darren Davis, Senior V.P. for Clear Channel media and entertainment group, states, "There's no other programming tactic in radio history that consistently delivers ratings increases better than Christmas music ... playing Christmas music is all about having a larger audience after Christmas than you did before. People who find the station often stick around after the holidays and discover a new favorite station."

The Christmas season brings a new flow of traffic for radio stations, and similarly, the Christmas season brings a new flow of traffic for people touched by the ministry of the church.

  • Deacons reach out to their elderly families and to shut-ins with calls and visits;

  • Sunday School classes are busy sending Christmas cards and notes to various members of the class and of the


  • grandparents and neighbors attend the children's Christmas pageant;

  • family and friends attend the adult choir’s Christmas song celebration on the 3rd Sunday of Advent;

  • families in the community join us as we celebrate Christmas with a youth-led worship service and Christmas play;

  • volunteers join together with a compassionate spirit to send shoeboxes through Operation Christmas Child;

  • Sunday School classes and other small groups have fellowship gatherings and parties;

    Families, friends and neighbors all come together for our annual Christmas Eve Service.
    The activity of the church reaches a crescendo throughout the month of December, and the flow of people

    touched and impacted by our various ministries of compassion rises to a new level. We can only hope that our "impact rating" doubles during this time of year.

    Yet, we need to remember that our aim is to have carry-over into the new year and that December's out- reach translates into "new listeners" to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are called to strive for a larger circle of influence of people who can be served and who can receive our ministries of service, care, compassion, education, training, stewardship, and missions. We hope to impact additional families with God's love and goodness and that our Christ- mas joy becomes infectious and takes root as additional followers engage in ongoing, growing relationships with Jesus Christ.

    During this time of year as you listen to the Christmas tunes on the radio, remember that we, as a church, are touching more and more lives through our Christmas ministries, and our ultimate hope is that more people will be walking with God in the weeks and months ahead.

Joy for the Journey, Jay

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