Our Story

  • Organized: August 9, 1879
  • First Church Name: The Mt. Airy Baptist Church of Christ
  • Original Sanctuary (now our fellowship hall) was completed in 1912
  • Educational Building was added in 1953
  • Current Sanctuary was dedicated October 6, 1968
  • Fellowship Hall (Original Sanctuary) renovated in 1990.
The following excerpt was taken from the forward of our Church History compiled in honor of our 125th anniversary in 2004:
“It is interesting to note that the light bulb was invented in the same year that our church was organized. May we suggest that just as the light bulb brought light to the world, so did the members and work of the First Baptist Church of Mt. Airy. As men and women through the years have allowed God to lead in their lives, they have brightened and illuminated many things. May we go forward as a church in seeking God's will in our lives, that God may be glorified and that we may be the people He would have us be."

As we wrap up our celebration of 140 years of ministry, let's renew our commitment to the First Baptist Church Covenant written in 1879
Covenant adopted at the date of the founding of the church August 9, 1879:
Having been as we trust, brought by Divine Grace to embrace the Lord Jesus Christ, and to give our- selves wholly to Him, we do now solemnly and joyfully covenant with each other to walk together in Him with brotherly love to His glory as our common Lord. We do therefore in His strength engage:
  • That we will exercise a Christian care and watchfulness over each other as occasion may require.
  • That we will not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, but will uphold the public worship of God and the ordinance of His house.
  • That we will cheerfully contribute of our means as God has prospered us for the maintenance of a faithful and evangelical ministry among us, for the support of the poor, and for the spread of the gospel over the earth.
  • That we will in all conditions, even till death, strive to live to the glory of Him who hath called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.
Dr. C. A. Dixon

Hall of History

Hall of History

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